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id."As a consequence of the coverup, alm▓ost every instance of abuse we found is too o

n dissuaded vi
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d," it read.THOROUGH PROBEOne of these predator priests pleaded guilty last month to charges that he sexually abused a 10-year-old boy m

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buse to police

ore than 20 years ago. A

nother has been charged with felony child sex crimes, according to local media reports.However, some of the accused have died, and sta

, pressured la

▓w enforcemen

tute of limitations laws

p▓revent many others from facing criminal charges, said the ▓media reports.The Harrisburg Diocese earlier this m▓onth identified 71 prie

t to terminate

sts and other members of the church who had been accused of

or avoid a▓n investiga

child sex abuse."T▓hat conduct has left a legacy of pain and so

tion or conducted thei

rrow t▓hat is still being felt," Harrisburg Bishop Ronald

r own deficient,

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ation without re

Gainer wrote in a letter to the diocese. "I apologi▓ze for these actions."Gainer also announced sweeping changes to confidentiali▓ty policies and stripped from any place o